Monday, April 17, 2017

Construct 3 Templates support

Currently Construct 3 is in beta as of the time of this post,

While it is in beta they support construct 2 capx file format it is not perfect in the slightest.
So far  with any of the current versions on scirra's store only Adv menu, Trirectiumo, & 5/6 of the Bo's Small Game Pack sources seems to be working, as AD's , scirra arcade, and cocoonjs plugins do not work.  But all of them regaurdless of how simple say they are lacking some features do to being the free version of Construct 3.

In order to get these working I will have to re-work some code on my old builds, some regaurdless like dreamout is more than likely doomed to face compatablity issues seeing how massive of a project that was. IE 1000+ events. With adv menu being the micro smaller more primitive version of the same thing basically. Keep in mind dream out was my brain child base I was going to start pumping out games with but took years adding additional platform support almost purely vanilla c2. This including platforms like the Ouya which died the moment it was released, and various other now dead platforms in which nearly release from the project were cut or couldn't be released to the public as is, esc...

I can understand why dreamout was a failure on the market front, I was selling code for a bunch of artists who wanted to make games, but they didn't like my graphics that were entirely placement art left up to them to replace. Some saw and bought the projects purely for PC title releases but didn't ever use it, it is really upsetting to me to be honest that I even did many give aways where only a few keys were ever used, and many go unused.


Basically all I need to do to get it to "work" with construct 3 is remove all ad objects which was for a unfinished feature of hosting ads in your games, and the reason why it went unfinished is I had no method of testing it but I still wanted the bases and options there to enable/disable which you could control with the idealisms of incorporating DLC/Microtransactions to disable said ads for a payment through the services.

I have to say this it converts the projects over quite easily sololy if it doesn't depend on plugins construct 3 doesn't have, trying to port over a plugin can be rather difficult and I discussed this in my last post. C3 Plugins. The key point being it is rather difficult if it isn't just values, but the moment you add parassing conditions well poop.

I mean I made these projects for people to use, I tried to get a little money out of them by charging maybe 1/5th of what my competitors were doing but what they were doing wasn't the same. Pretty art work very little code. My art work was ugly as sin, but wonderful code. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

C3 Plugins

Today I will discuss the process of c3 plugins.

Yes Blackhornet created a method of porting your c2 plugins to c3, keep in mind this method isn't perfect, it has to gut the editor and shared script in your c2 project and in doing so it leaves out paramaters. And many of your actions, along with that there is some refferensing issues as it doesn't port all things properly. I began porting over my dbop plugin for date, & time condition testing.  The first thing I noticed was in black hornets porting process several old conditions that referenced {0} no longer could, and many that didn't were required to do that & {1}, which just created a mess in the editor. Now black hornet warns users about this so you can't really be mad at him. He did a good job in getting the inital setup for a c2 to c3 port, but it should be left up to the programmer on weather or not they want their plugins on c3 and make the effort themselves in porting. Hense why I tried with my more than likely smallest c2 plugin of all time.

Pre-programed Holidays didn't make it in the porting process strictly from it all. Also the actions to set bday and aniversary I felt were useless without the ablity to test for holiday properly. Damn no labor day for you without you using either ternary operators or nested conditions.

Well the mistake I made when starting to attempt to make a c3plugin was using winrar on the folder itself, it added to a sub dir.

So the way to fix this with winrar is to make sure you select all the files within your plugins root dir then make sure you click on the .zip bubble and then instead of have it end in .zip name it with a .c3addon done.

I herpa derpaed like this for some time over looking eveything else.

To be honest if you want to port your c2 to c3 plugin it really isn't all that hard if you have notepad++ or bluefish. Just make sure you download the c3 plugin sdk for refference, it has a basic small plugin in it. You can re-use your c2 runtime how ever. You will have to figure out parsing because I am not sure on it, and would like to know how to but yeah.... Also actions...

My time date plugin for c2 is making it's way over to c3 via mentioned blackhorents porting tool, it is simply enough to work without either actions or parsing(drop down menus). Once I work out the kinks I will have the .c3addon posted.

Speaking of .c3addons, there is no file structor like there was with c2 info data for c3 plugins. Meaning you just zip it at the root of the plugin, and rename the plugin to .c3addon extension. Make sure it does not place your plugin into a sub directory, all your main plugin files should be located at the root so it can install properly. A error in you plugin will require you to wipe the cookies and cache of the construct 3 editor website. If you are using google chrome bookmark chrome://settings/cookies
It is your best friend and only savior for plugin errors, which clearing this will wipe all work and progress so keep in mind to back up your work onto your own computer some how.

Also it will uninstall all plugins, so you will have to re-install any and all, and the only way to resolve your plugin errors is through trail and error unlike c2. Hense why it is taking me a longer than this post to release a c3addon for a date object value grabber basically. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tile maps Construct 2 & Construct 3

Understand that basically all c2 tilemaps are is a sprite sheet without animation. Meaning a series of images. Now Construct 2 tilemaps do not support animated tilemaps on it's own. Meaning sprites are very useful for these animated objects. There are a few work arounds people have come up with other than sprites, but it kills performance all the same. Which can be a drag.

Now when creating a tile map you have to think of widthxheight for each tile. Example: I made one with 64x64 images. Keep in mind if you want to improve performance and have no transparent textures consider using index color mode even if you don't remove colors at all it will greatly improve performance by lower resource cache as the image size will  be lower, freeing up more memory. More importantly it removes the need for over redundancy of creating more objects.

Now for collision don't worry about tiles that have transparency within them, the only thing you need to do is setup the collision polygon shape up for them. c2 does not auto setup collision on tiles like it does with sprites. Meaning all you need to do is click on the polygon icon in the tilemap pannel within construct 2. Speaking of the tilemap panel it supports: flipping, mirroring, and 90 degree rotations.

What mirroring, flipping and rotations mean for you is you do not need to create multiples of the same tiles. Unforchently the object tilemaps does not have a angels property, this is a downside, meaning you can not rotate the entire tilemap at a angle based off the player, which means the behavior rotate, and phyics will not work how it is intended. Physics will need to be applied to it how ever if you have objects with physics if you want them to collide with you tile maps.  You will just have to make them unmovable, and with non-solid tilemaps you will just have to disable them by the instance if you want to repeatedly use the same tilemap for background as foreground.

If your asking yourself about construct 3's polygon button in the tilemap editor panel then simply double click on the tile and it should popup the polygon editor button for collision.

Larger tilemaps will consume more memory so splitting the tilemaps into multiple tile map objects can help. But only when it is necessary. If you want them to have same code and behaviors and values, I suggest applying family grouping to your tilemaps and referencing that in your event sheets.

Tilemaps are not perfect how ever, they lack animation, they act as a singular object rather than a grouping of them when behaviors is applied, and you may need many of them to do the tasks of tiled backgrounds and other object types. But they are rather useful. You won't be making a sonic clone with only them. IE if you apply opacity to a tilemap it will apply it to all, which can be a good thing but also a bad thing. Ex: Windows its bad for, front walls like going inside a building Good use of opacity.

It all depends on usage and you don't need to keep it square thanks to collision polygon mapping.
You wont be making a sonic clone anytime soon as it lacks angles, you see creating a sonic clone would imply you are able to change the players sprite angle based off the surface he is on's angle. Now yea I know sonic was made with tilemapping but construct tilemapping and sonic are different  and how collision is programmed in sonic  is massively different. Yes I am aware you can make it based off triggers, and other objects but like I said you won't be doing it based off tilemap objects without them. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Retro pie and the long list of problems

Retropi N64

Gee you might be guessing why I am making this post, and well it is because retro pie is rather difficult to actually use.

First of off, getting it onto a SD card is easy as easy can be, I'm not saying this is hard even in the slightest, just download program, run program, download retropie's image file for your pi and load image on to sd card, done.

That's simple as simple gets. No no no no, it isn't that.

It's just about everything else.
(Read the bottom for a update on this)
You see it uses multiple different emulators, first it uses Emulationstation for it's main GUI system, you see Emulation station is good, up until you get into the configuration settings. You see Emulation station lacks the ability to select which emulator you want for which system and on a system that has 2-4 n64 emulators it would be nice to be able to select which one is the most compatible with your game, like IDK Zelda(either one), or Banjo(either one), in fact mupen64plus by default(which is the one it runs by default), Lacks compatibility with just about any 3d game I've tried for it. ALMOST EVERY GAME on the N64 is 3D. This isn't where the cake ends, you see you'd think you'd be able to mess around with the settings for the emulator, and sadly you would be very much mistake. You can not select what video mode(most crucial part of getting a n64 emulator working) to play your game with. Emulation station has no settings options for this, no you have to go into retroarch supposively. Which refuses to load any cores, and refuses to download any as well. Now keep in mind I have had a harry past with Retrolib on their notions of what GPL3 contained which inheirits the licenses to all works filed under it and included with it. Which it does, but this is retroarches claim to fame over the hyperkin attrosity known as the retron5. You go into any other configuration setting and it is basically just asking for resolution of screen, shaders, and controller options. Which you will need.

What people want out of a emulator is it to work, and to be able to play games, retro pie's one big claim to fame is N64 emulation, and with a pi 3 b it is damn near impossible due to the pi 3 locking its clock rate. Apparently pi 2's are not having this problem but pi 3's are supposively suppose to out perform them but clearly that isn't the case, when you are greeted with a entirely transparent except for a outline of everything. No it's not wireframe it is the polygons attempting to render but something horribly going wrong with them kinda but not really rendering properly.

Now I have tried other things like the homebrew home made zelda games you can download for free that just rip assets from Link to the past. But they at first don't render properly either, they show up in like a windowed mode of 150x95 or something of the sorts and you have to find the full screen button which I only found by pressing all the f keys but f4 & f7 I think because those have different functions within the OS it self. Terminal for f4...

Keep in mind your controls may not translate over into ports of games to the actual unit. Example, duke nukem 3d will recognize you have a controller, it will work to some degree, but it won't always work IE xbox 360 controller needs additional configuration outside of what emulation station provides, it does not duplicate and convert your controller conf into something readable in games, only specific emulators.

I've read a lot of tutorials on how to fix problems and retro pie patched out solutions to problems.... So yeah... No way of running mupen64plus in glesrice because the moment you try to do that doesn't recognize mupen64plus.... nor any other emulator for that matter... Because nothing is softlinked in the bin folder.....

Gameboy emulators work, so does nes, and the various ports don't work exactly ideal and still require kb/m which is understandable for some and others are just completely odd and unnessarily and gamepad support could have been added in. IE Doom and Duke Nukem menu system.

Update: I found out how to get into the settings and change the video modes, you gotta press A on xbox 360 controller and spam it while the rom is loading. They really should add something stating this.

Any ways this video helped me out:

So now that I found a fix to the orignal post I think I will composite a list of actual issues....
I will keep the orignal posted content there how ever. With a skip to read this.

3: Emulation station input issues

Emulation station is nice, it's input asignment can be flawed.

Example: With certain controllers it will either do one of two things:
1.Not register certain buttons at all
2.Register the button is being held when not so it skips on input configuration.
Both was the case with my ouya controller which doesn't have enough buttons to map them all out but seeing how ps2+ is the only ones that use the stick buttons it is really obvious what to do in that case.

And yes I actually do use it, I enjoy how it feels in my super massive hulk hands well over the feeling of any controller by far.

2: Overclocking in Rasp-config option is useless for Pi3

Pi3 users will find this option to be a tease as overclocking is disabled on pi3 for warrenty purposes. But hackers don't care they will get around this and have, every time they update the system and try to lock it down more, yet another image build comes out with it being overclocked. Along with that a series of tutorials. So it is rather useless for them to be putting in all this effort to prevent something regaurdless of what they do the hackers will get around weather they want to or not.

1. Retroarch crashes, a lot
Using retroarches menu system and you will more than likely crash, sometimes it comes up after exiting a game, sometimes not. But when it does come up you can bet your bottom dollar it will crash soon, espcially if you attempt to navigate through their menus. I wouldn't expect a fix from libretro, and actually I would be surprised if they tried to cherry pick and try to dismantle to dismiss what I said here as they have in the past.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Raspberry pi 3 with case Raspbian Review

On getting this device it had a prebuilt image on the built-in SD card for ThinLinx which was trailware for 60 days.  On attempting to install this, I ran into a problem with their RDP server, so I opted out of this, and went strait for their Raspbian distribution. Which is much more worth it probably.  Keep in mind all pi's have ARM processors they need ARM build projects to work, in other words stuff not written for ARM processors will not work with the Pi.

But there are many issues with Raspbian,

The first I noticed was when I tried to sudo apt-get install mupen64plus. It didn't work due to dependencies not being in the repository. So then I tried to install it via "add/remove programs" application found in the start menu. Didn't work. After trying it the offical raspbian way of git cloneing the source from github I tried building it, failed, I tried installing the broken build just in case it was some stupid error like unused varibles putting it to this failed status, installed but no GUI system, so then I tried launching my Banjo via terminal and it launched the application but no video would display, several error messages appeared in the terminal, so then I gave up on mupen64plus.

In this attempt to install mupen I did come across a lot of people saying install retropi, but I have no spare microsd card.

I also accidently removed the quick launch applications menu that was useful and have been unable to put it back in the panel. I just wanted to remove items that were uninstalled from it and add others and it removed the whole thing.

The next issue I came accross was bluetooth was not working, I tried all the methods I seen online to attempt to fix it, all of these solutions are 2 years old and since then Raspbian devs claim they fixed this issue, but bluetooth is entirely non-functional. Doing the bluetoothctl will not allow you to type after, installing bluez and all that does not work either as the bluetooth manager will claim you either don't have bluetooth or the service isn't running, attempting to mannually run the service will bring up a failed error, in which google searching that error brings up nothing. So I am also lost here.

Out side of that do not even attempt to run extremetuxracer, it requires more resource than the pi 3 can offer.

I have how ever done quite a bit with the machine within raspbian, that I do like mostly programming, and scripting, with a few office documents made. But despite having the C++ compiler built in it does not have a C++ IDE other than text editor, which is very handy yes but lacks the automatics. Also I'd like to mention it really isn't a IDE for C++ but a text editor.

I would how ever recommend this device to linux enthusiasts and gamers only if they install retropi. Retropi seems to be well far more supported than raspbian on its own.

It may be perceived as negativity here but these are real issues I am having with the Pi, I'd love it to death if not for these issues, and honestly most of the issues are with raspbian.  So keep that in mind.

(Later Edit):
I have tried porting several of my construct 2 games over, and chrome web apps don't work properly for some odd reason, so I tried nw.js which has a pi build but the instructions are poorly worded and their example works but I can not get the builds to work. I am not sure if it is because the pi port option doesn't allow for construct 2 games.  Either way I am sure I will eventually find a way but then again construct 3 may offer better support options here as it is already out in beta form. But I have not moved over to it due to the lack of ablity to port games that depend on plugins, and I have not quite figured out the porting process of porting plugins to c3 from c2.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Portal 2d: Chrome edition Runs like a sloth

Well vidme seems to work very well quickly and I am likely it much better than youtube, I will try to find a way to work it into my site better than this. But Here is portal 2d, it doesn't run well with my screen recording program how ever.

Vidme Review

Vidme Profile Pic for mine, they offer gif support.

Currently I am looking for youtube alternatives, and someone had recormended I try VidMe, a ad free one that escapes this evil montization program options. Which I am all for despite having ads on here via google services. I been trying to think about renting ad space but to no avail to the people whom I want to so I may be just giving it out. As for Vidme it has many of the same services as youtube but many match what we saw before google bought it out. So I like it a lot, they have a tip service as well which means if someone likes the video they can tip you. But unlike youtube it's audience is much smaller, and the content is kinda scope of youtube re-uploads.

The community ranges from pernod to off the walls death threaters, tearing each other a part is common on the site with content creators doing very little to no interacting with their commentors many I do believe don't even take a look at it, despite hyping it up. The community is mostly people like me who hate the ad revenue system google has in place, but instead are for a tipping system like but for videos instead of games.

I really wish it would do better as it looks a lot like old youtube use to before getting screwed over by the ad program, where we have everyone trying to make videos and none of them are unquie in the slightest. Even the big ones are just mirror copies of each other, it's soulless. Has little to offer.

Vidme outside of that really needs content creators that take the platform seriously. Most people don't realize when you upload a video to youtube often your videos are stolen and reuploaded else where commonly, and dumped on to other sites to generate ad revenue for those other sites. All this done through bots for maximum effectiveness of profit. Vidme isn't like that sure a bot downloader could be turned onto it but the likely hood of it is lesser.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crosh a entirely useless feature in Chromebook

So replacing the command ctrl+alt+T for linux in chromeOS brings up a command line interface known as crosh in Chromebooks. This commandline has little to do with input in which modifies the system. Most of it is recieving output and they replaced nearly all productive commands within the help menu and subjected to "help_advance" in which litterally just gives you commands you either can't use, or just provides output. The only command I found useful in both menu's is ping, tracepath, & traceroute,  as it actually does what it is suppose to do but requires all paramaters to be filled with no defaults in place. There is no file navigation or making within this terminal.

Along with that they have been removing commands and functionality from this terminal with updates. If you were to look up Crosh on older sites you'd fine top X lists for useful commands, most of these have been removed, to remove user control over their systems.

Leaving the terminal in chromeOS damn near useless.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Team Fortress 2 Crafting Mini Game ChromeOS: Review

Keep in mind in the video I had nearly forgotten all of the crafting recipes, which FYI changed massively overtime aswell, for instance 3 refined to craft a hat was always a thing but how you got scrap metal use to be 3 of the same weapon. Now that is to craft a token slot.  That or I am remembering it wrong.

At any rate the game in question here is a game for our chromebook users today and it is Team Fortress 2 Crafting for chrome OS.  Which the goal of the game is to craft as quick as possible items to increase score, In this gameplay footage I went very slowly to crafting a single hat. Keep in mind it's the WORST HAT EVER, the No hat, hat.

I Did like this game, playing it further past this and testing recipes with a cheat sheet did work for some but not all like scrap metal plus sandvitch did not make chocolate bar. How ever at times it would take a while for a drop to actually happen, which left me staring at what I did have and seeing I have no moves.

Thank you for existing FYI. Playing this game at the time of the recording I was remembering good old crafting back when they first implamented it but it had the newer items but it really only left the generic recipes in the game such as, slot token + Class Token + Scrap metal = Class weapon in that slot.

The game is very odd to begin with being a mini game based off a major title like TF2 only to gain from the image of it. It is fast past and you are despite what it first appears to be, working on a time limit.  Not All Recipes work, the only way to learn is by trail and error. Ones I found not working is the chocobar recipe, and the Running Mans Boxing Gloves.  Some Items like a Bonk and Critz combo will create a glitch item rather than the intended item.

The game isn't perfect, it is often hard to gain a decently highscore, and drops come in by the floods the longer you play all while being very slow in the start. Which leads to a difficulty curve that eventually reaches higher than my chromebook touch pad will allow. As a game it is depended on trivial knowledge of TF2 all while also not knowing much of the trivial recipes. So just focus on making hats really. Specials like 4 scrap also don't work. And they do have some holiday events programmed in to drop keys for crates only usage for them other than scrap.

I would not really recommend this game at all unless you want to test your tf2 crafting knowledge to what this game allows.  If you must shake me down for a rating:

5/10 MEHHHHH Game. Good Idea not best of execution

Site Redesign maybe happening soon

Blogger just released 4 new themes that work the same on desktop as they do mobile. Currently the blogger site on mobile is kinda just a odd out of place version as the desktop.  I may end up fixing up the site at the very least on the mobile end. I may use these templates and heavily modify them much like I did for this template which did take some manual recoding for certain key things. This will how ever take time to do, so please be patient for any maintenance in the future.

I may have to switch over to these templates as with many free website servers require usage of newest templates only is becoming a more and more common practice that I have hated from the very start. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Response to "10 Things The Wii U Did Better Than The Switch -Ace TheOcarinaMaker"

First things first, I must construct a format and continuity on why I am responding to this outside of youtube.

In terms of format, the video will be on the bottom of the page for all to look at.
The reason for this response on my blogger is because the comments were disabled, I will try to atleast send this Ace TheOcrinaMaker's way. The goal of this post is to ultimately allow comments in his videos even when this happens...I would also like to point out a few things about his video, and tell him to stop literally insulting his viewers  as "9 year old children and man-children " for apparently being offended.

More or less the points he made to try to answer these "9 year old children and man-children" all contain to criticism about uncleararity, preference, a few obvious hardware differences, and genuinely being wrong about a certain topic matter. Along with the fan boy wars that always happen I'm sure.

The two genuine points I do see:

Now only two of these points I can see him being annoyed about but the rest he is taking offensively wrongfully so. The only two I can see him upset about is the fanboy war issues, and having to point out what should be obvious with hardware differences, some of which he still got genuinely wrong. FYI battery life which really wasn't a fair comparison to begin with. Something like the 3ds vs the Switch in terms of battery life is more reasonable as they both have to power a console and atleast a screen.

Yes it did it better with the WiiU but its still not a fair comparison, We get it you don't want any criticism yourself Mr Ace or atleast that is exactly how it is coming off. But that is the ugly truth of the internet, no matter how hard you try to censor it out it will reveal its ugly face. (looks at this page)

"Sh*t Posters"

You don't have to respond to these questions, just like you don't need to respond to "sh*t posts". Letting fools run a muck prevents more content related problems, IE false flaggings. To people who actually want to provide feedback it deems your content as not worth watching if someone can not add something, or atleast question your priorities. The fact you got so easily offended over "sh*t posters" really isn't reassuring that your channel will even last as every topic matter you cover similarly you will get people who disagree with you and if your first answer to that is to silence them via censorship. Then you come off as someone with unchecked Ego who can't stand the idealism of different opinions. Not saying you are, it just comes off that way to quickly act with a ban hammer or mass silence to get what you want out of it.

It is harmful to your channel to even have 1 video like this with it being a popular subject matter and I am sure one of your most watched videos.

Let sh*ts run sh*t, and the river of sh*t will dry up out as a majority of your viewers that have decided to like vs dislike is higher despite having disabled comments to attempt to mass censor out a overwhelming comments section for you.

In other words people who make fools of themselves will be on display.

When you have a video with sudden 60k+ views and the rest of your videos is <1000 with very few comments then heed this advice. You do not need to respond to everyone, read everyone's comments, or even give a damn about it, the comments section is entirely made to provide both negative and positive feed back and conversation, fools are doomed to obscurity, this coming from a fool.  It is foolish to disable comments for all when a few bad apples ruin it, and empowers those bad apples to act again even on banning some may resort to sock accounts to try to do the same else where. Let them be fools, don't let it bother you Mr. Ace.

Last thing about the whole subject of your comments section:
It was entirely unnecessary for Mr. Ace to insult literally everyone that responded to his video, and really I hope he takes this seriously, criticism both destructive and constructive can both have points, one is passive agressive and one is more direct thus seen as aggressive.

The video itself:

I do have to question your list of priorities as you feel that in your count down to 10 style video that it progressively shaves importance. For the WiiU a web browser is not important, for mobile devices like the switch is, it is highly important, most of my viewers come from mobile views, 1 or 2 from my app, and 20 or so from feed readers meaning they only get the first 10 lines or so till they have to actually follow a link here.  I feel that this should have easily been placed higher on your list.

The priority order is just one small trifle of a issue how ever,  meaning I am critizing my own criticism here. I heavily am disappointed to see if I would have been the only one to mention the exclusion of Miiverse and nintendo's statement that they will not be including it into it which did online community conversation much better. I know the switch's online functionality isn't fully operational but they brought back the infamous friend code system inorder to try to justify it all while leaving no open method of communicating with a gaming community IE everyone who is playing a game, along with this it removed the option to ask for help on how to solve puzzles esc from other players while playing the game with a simple screenshot feature(Yes I am aware you can do this with facebook but it isn't the same). For me this is the major thing the Wii Did better by bringing people who play the same games together regardless of single player only or multiplayer and Miiverse was genuinely friendilyer than the likes of facebook or twitter.

I would like to see the switch succeed too, I am interested in developing games for it.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Power Saving tips for your Switch

Need to save power for your switch? Well with its estimated 3 hour battery life you better start learning to take some short cuts. Here is how:

Power Saving for the Nintendo Switch

First I need to state that the battery life much like the WiiU Gamepad is very short for the switch. Lasting around 3 hours of breath of the wild. You can get it up to 4 to 5 if you follow these tips, some do how ever involve methods of faster charges.

Tip 1 Brightness: 

The nintendo switch like any smart device uses a touch screen backlite LCD display, this back light can and will drain the hell out of your power, the key is to lower the screen brightness indoors.  Adjusting this is estial to making your battery last longer. Out side you can not really do much about brightness, you will need it bright to be able to see but you do not need it eye budging bright.

Tip 2 Airplane mode:

Airplane mode will disable all wireless transitions, this means the constant Bluetooth signaling, so you will need to attach your joy cons if you want to keep playing and sorry p2 you can't play now. It will also disable amibo NFC which means you won't be able to use any amibos at all with it enabled. You can say good bye to wifi so no online what so ever, no facebook posting, no tweeting, no eshop browsing, no friend messaging, esc.

Doing airplane mode will heavily positively make your battery last longer but it has a lot of cons.

Tip 3 Changing your theme

As sites like blackle have laid claim to saving power by simply changing a all white pixel website the darker colors actually take less electricity to show on a display. This is actually true, so changing your theme to the darker theme actually saves just a small smigit amount of power for your battery.

If you want to read more on it follow this, and I know most people no longer take wikipedia as creditable but keep in mind to follow the sources if other wise you are still in disbelief on how darker pixels can save energy over lighter.

Tip 4 (for faster charging) Change TV display settings

Currently in every video I have seen people complaining that the switch doesn't charge fast enough in the charging dock. By default it selects auto for both display resolution and RGB options.
Both of which you can select different options, lowering it to 480p, and limited color will allow the switch to charge faster.  Let me be strait, on default settings the switch will not drain faster than it charges, it will how ever if you set tv to 1080p with full color detail. It will look better yes, but it will drain more than it charges, and most tips and tricks will tell you to switch it to 1080p with full color detail to make it look better but not tell you that it will drain faster than it charges. Keep in mind it will still last longer than the 3 hours how ever, it will take much much longer when docked into a tv to die, and if you leave it in the dock like I do it will be fine if you use 1080p with full. Just keep in mind if your unit is almost dead to switch over the TV settings to 480p with limited color.

Tip 5 Sleep & Power

Simply pressing the power button lightly will put it into sleep mode, so will idling, you can how ever change the idle time to be much sooner, which will also save more battery life. But how ever in Sleep mode it is still draining from the battery to keep it in a standby state to come on from last point. Meaning it is just heavily reduced power saving rather than power being entirely off.

If you want to turn off the switch completely you will need to hold down the power button longer till a power options dialog box comes up and select power options, then select power off. This will turn off the unit saving power when not in use. This will also allow for much faster charging in the dock station so I would heavily recommend powering off the unit when possible, instead of simply using sleep options.

Tip 6 Power Banks

When all else fails you can simply use a 5v/3a or 5v/1a power bank that accepts usb c, like their official car chargers output. The power brick does a 15v/2.6a by default, don't worry about this how ever so much as the car charger like I already mentioned.

If you are a electrical engineer or electrician you can make your own battery pack if you so choose to do. I have done this in the past with doing the math needed to make a standard USB  B with a AA battery pack gutting a few things, but it was for usb B not C. Keep in mind USB C is something that is new to me, the switch is actually the first USB C device I have owned so I can not give you a blueprint to the wiring behind making a 3 AA battery pack w/ resistance work with USB C. And to be honest I lost the battery pack in several moves.

Aside from that power banks can be useful they can charge your device or make the current charge last longer, but they also need to be charged since you are attaching a battery to your battery to make up for your batteries lack of power, with that being said lithium ion batteries do have a risk of exploding.  Both power banks and the switch use them. I would recommend one that uses 5v/3a USB C simply to avoid issues. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Nintendo switch Impressions

Keep in mind this is based off day 1 release and Breath of the Wild Game play.

First I have to say this, the system only launched with a total of 9 games. One of switch was developed entirely for the WiiU and pushed out on both, I am referring to Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild. This is not a impressions on that game.  The system feels very much so unfinished. Now I am usually all for Nintendo but I must say this is one of the most unfinished consoles released.  If a system is only ever as good as its launch the switch is not doing well at all. The system was VERY rushed out without much reason why other than the last nail in the WiiU. Keep in mind I am not saying it will fail, I am saying it is having a rough start, I'd love to develop games for any of Nintendo's systems. the WiiU was a amazing powerful system that developers didn't touch all that much on due to the market share numbers without ever once looking at the sales numbers.  Which the ps4 & xbone are mostly multi media devices with games as a 2nd priority.

If not for a zelda title being a launch title then this system would have done as bad as the Ouya did, and I really hate to make that comparison but it has to be mentioned because it is almost identical to it minus the on the go play functionality .  Not even virtual console titles are up yet, eshop has no music, as far as I can tell there is no online functionality such as friends lists, messaging esc. I am not noticing any miiverse or anything of the likes yet.


That being said lets go on to what is good that the switch does, first its graphics they are much much higher than WIiU's with performance shudders here and there, and commonly dropping fps to 20~  in breath of the wild, but usually due to too much grass objects mixed with visual effects.  While at other times it will run at 50-60fps.  Keep in mind I am playing with it in docking mode, it could be better on the tablet in terms of performance. Keep in mind also that the graphics are much higher on the switch version as appose to the wiiu version which barely has anything. So the old 60fps standard Nintendo had going for it with the wiiu and requirements are no longer a thing for their games at least.

Online Functionality

Let me say thing first, right now there is no online functionality outside of the eshop, which if you were thinking of using your Nintendo Network, well nintendo made a new network which you can create a account with various social media sites info, or existin nintendo network ID but it will not be a part of your nintendo network.

As for friends lists, there isn't one yet, no messaging system, nothing of the sort. There is how ever ability to take pictures with a added button on the controller. Maybe able to share this with friends but you were able to do this with online websites with the WiiU tobegin with which I did on this blog many times.  As far as I can tell this isn't on the switch either.  So out of the box it has none and probably wont till they start charging for it.


As said there are 9 games on their eshop.
1-2 switch
Fast RMX
Just Dance 2017
Snipperclips - Cut it out together
I am Setsuna
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
Super Bomberman R
Zelda Breath of the Wild

This is all of the games that came out on the release, there was suppose to be more like little inferno and world of goo, both of which are nearly a decade old and are on the Wii. There are around ~200 games annoused for the system. But this is it thus far. Really not much, 2 of which are shovel knight games. Yes we get it nintendo shovel night was your #1 indie title on the WiiU, but honestly we need more games. Their developer program still is only limited to the WiiU & 3ds development programs, it has not yet included any thing about the switch.

Several of the games releasing to the Switch I am looking forward to as well though.


Keep in mind this as of launch day remember that this is all subject to change but probably won't.

The machine has no web browser, I'm just getting that out of the way right now, so sorry people you can't come on my site via nintendo switch web browser, or play any of my online html5 games on your nintendo swtich you will just have to stick to your WiiU, & maybe wii(not sure if it even would work with how old it is and me lacking one now to test them with).  This takes out a huge chunk.

Gone are the physical manuals, and I haven't seen any digital ones either though this could just be me at this point. I did look but I feel like I am missing something here.

The on the go play / tv play is very useful how ever, the docking bay has 3 usb slots, 2 in the front, 1 in the back 1 is USB 3.0 as far as I can tell. But I haven't gotten around to using it yet. MicroSD cards can be used for expandable memory to the Unit as it only has 32gb, which sounds like so little now a days espeically if you pick up something like breath of the wild digitally.


One of the biggest points nintendo always makes is usually surrounding the controllers, well here it is kinda simplified. Think of 2 smaller than wiimote controllers, one looks like it has a Inferred light camera on the bottom of it but I have yet to actually see if it does anything. Each one can act as different or same players controllers depending on the game. They both have two more buttons as a snes controller, but 2 of the buttons are for function use only (home & snap shot picture buttons), and two of the buttons are on the side so if you were to hold it on its side for soon to be no doubtfully Virtual console titles with 2 player action those side buttons would basically be in the way, this means each controller has 1 less button than a snes controller in all actuallity if not aquardily using the 2 side buttons.

They do slide into the tablet, and into a controller base to form their own 1 controller as well. This is something the videos tried to show off for both. The joycon (wii mote like controllers), do have motion sensors in them to the grade of wiimotion plus, and they do have rumble HD apparently but I haven't noticed yet.


I would hold off on getting one, the demand right now is only artificially inflated by artificial hype, and most sites are not looking at the device critically, most are only talking about how good the new Zelda game is, which is worth it, but that is about it thus far is playing the new zelda game on the go/ on tv. I do how ever like the machine, would love to make games for it if Nintendo would actually open it up to their developer program already, or have a alternative one out there. The device like the WiiU is very powerful, but probably will not be optimized and third parties thus far are just looking to do ports to it. I would love to make exclusive games for it. I loved Nintendo's development tools in the past.

That being said I have to be critical as well, This product seems very much so unfinished, it needs a huge update to fix most of the functionality and online services it is lacking. I understand it costs money to keep something like miiverse up. But it isn't broken, it was very very useful on the WiiU and allowed a online gaming community to flurish allowing for social intergration on decades old games as well as new games, allowing for people to challenge for highscores, and allowing for people to communicate. Friendships were formed, gaming groups formed, and online play to be community driven. Games like splatoon heavily depended on this, guides were made, helpful QAs were made. So much was done on miiverse that was overall a good idea, and it was a friendly shared experience that will be missed.

I hope you bring miiverse to the switch Nintendo,
I hope you do it quick.
I hope you open this platform up to developers like myself as well.

So much needs to be done on the switch to make it a better platform, and that is scary. As of right now it isn't a WiiU/ 3ds replacement, and it easily could be with large patches.

PS(March 7th): I found the friends list and messaging fuctionality, and well it is very very hidden more so than the Wii's was, and friend codes yield their ugly faces again without any care for all the backlash made.

Also I found out there is social media intergration to share pictures taken with the picture button. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Google Chrome Book Installing Google play / Android App Store only on 2017+

There is a over welming amount of articles on this subject, but the truth is there is only a few chromebooks involved with this one being the Acer R 13 found there. You know the most upto date models of specific new releasing chromebooks, not those old ones laying around your house that you more than likely have armed with microlinux distros with cruton and developer mode enabled with only a few gigs left of data to actually do crap with.  No not those like the many guides will click bait you into, shame on you laptopmag, gottobemobile, and various other sites.

Now keep in mind all of them copy Paste from the Official guide, which you can read here:

If you came here to read how to well I will give my all to try to not copy paste.
Step 1 DAUH
First you will need a 2017 Chrome Book, it may work on some 2016's but it wont all. Then you need a google account to sign into or make one.
Then you need to update it to the lastest version, by allowing auto updates and clicking on the update arrow to restart.

STEP 3 Settings and crap
Then you must bring up settings by clicking in the lower bottom right hand corner by your profile picture, then click the gear

Step 4 Your almost there(if option 6 isn't available)
Then click "About Chrome OS", then click more info, then you must click change channel, then you must click the beta bubble dot thing.

Step 5 Herpa(if you did 4)
Then you must reset for update.

Step 6 (where all old chromebooks go to die)
Once reset you must log in, click your profile pic, click the gear, then look for a checkbox saying "Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook." if you don't see it, it is because google says fuck you, gives you the middle finger, and go die trying to do a unoffical way you read about on some click bait bullshit way that destroys everything you love and hold dear.

Step 7 The Pesants are gone
You shall be asked to agree to some bull crap, agree to it or be assimilated.

Step 8 Follow the yellow brick road
Follow through the wizard till complete, also sign in some place.

Step 9 GO!!!!
Launch the play store from the bottom left corner O shape thing, and searching for play store.

Step 10 You stupid or something?
Install crappy android apps and enjoy it because I can't.

I hope you enjoyed my version better. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why my blog looks like it's from the Early 2000's

Currently I have been hearing "GEE YOUR WEBSITE LOOKS LIKE ITS FROM THE 90s/ Early 2000's. YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE LOOK." Keep in mind I do from time to time streamline the appearances, taking out useless data blocks that no longer work, fix broken links, downsize the banner and make certain graphics more slim so I can fit more data on the page.

But what they are more or less referring to is the fact that my blogs format is setup like a 2000's and 90's website. With a 3 post limit per page. This is important because I have posts like "Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player: Complete Compatibility list" there is literally hundreds and hundreds of lines of text, meaning longer page load times. I also have both uncompressed images and index color mode brute compressed images.

You see back when I first started this blog it was right after I made a website designed to run on dailup with lightening speed. Meaning everything used web safe color mode at the very least for compression. Some images I was able to get away with far less colors. But the goal was to make it a imaged based site with very little data being used up.

It was a ghetto rigged javascript blogsite that was taken down by the free host for reasons of demanding they remove a security script they added on to the page after the closing tags. Meaning it would break W3C validation syntax which I was trying to go for, and the host service was attacked several times, and they blamed my site for it thus shutting it down, pulling the plug and refusing to let me back up my own website.

Then when moving over to blogspot I noticed that it isn't uncommon for a webpage to take up 3000+ lines of code due to how poorly their templates are coded. Most of the code is entirely unnecessary but made for their visual drag drop system for people who wouldn't other wise know how to make a website.

But realizing that the site looks old, doesn't make me want to use one of these new predesigned concepts. I would increase image quality on things such as the background but in the past I have done that and load times were heavily reduced. This site looks like a 90's website because of how I have to optimize it.  Even with these attempts it still runs slow as crap, so switching over to something like facebook, or tumblr with endless scrolling through my content will definitily bog down the sites load time for users and eat up more data at once with the users.

Granted more than 1/10th my views are quick views from stumbles on the next blog button. It doesn't really help. The majority are for specific posts. Such as "Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player: Complete Compatibility list"

But the issue isn't a matter of just optimization it is entirely navigation based and based off how people react to scrolling. Scrolling is a bad design but entirely necessary but if someone has to scroll more the more data needs to be loaded, causing slow down. Which I have basically irritated into a new point here, human interaction.  When someone sees a massive scroll bar they may feel intimidated rather than interested, the opposite can be said too where if someone sees a small scroll bar it could be doing the opposite and have a lack of confidence in the bloggers ability to produce content.

Granted I am saying that scrolling is bad while my most popular mosts commonly have long text fields, I understand the irony and flaw with that logic that it doesn't always apply.

I am trying to be informational how ever, it really all depends on who you are targeting with your posts and  how much information you have. A cluster site, meaning multiple roles of information may not work out with my posts, all while a video sharing blogsite it may work very well with because it is videos that take up small areas thus works better out for them.

The other reasons than these benefits is the fact that the 90's / early 2000's web design actually had more functional use rather than just simply looking pretty with a limited 2 color pallet and no soul. Navigation is king, navigation allows you to have more to your blogs than simple blog posts, it allows it to function as a blog with a website on the back burner. Allowing for webstores, simple navigation to certain key things. For instance if I started guide building site for specific games I could put walkthroughs on here just aswell as blogs. Not saying I am going to but it allows for it to navigate to another site easily and allows for simplified navigation that would actually cause my viewers not to get lost, all while having a lot of information, a lot of content rather than just bits and pieces here and there as filler blocks like so many sites do for SEO.

TLDR version/ Conclusion: My site looks old because it needs to run smooth, I think scrolling is bad so I limit the posts to 3(will bump it up to 5 now), and because it works well with posts like this.

I will how ever keep doing things to improve it. Such as creating these pixel art graphics for a majority of my posts using piskel

Monday, February 20, 2017

Youtube and your chances at being a Success

Youtube is a constant battle field of content, it is way too competitive with many styles of providing content.  Success is a self-defined term in what someone usually has a set goal to reach. In terms of youtube it is $$$ and subs which is only a goal to $$$ which means the goal usually doesn't give a crap about which audience it targets just which ever one will watch content. This is how gaming videos became more of a push by non-gamers and why you have so many non-gamers coming out the wood works via 2007/08 I can't remeber exact dates.

Prior to that was loads of what would now be considered too "nitch" such as glitch videos, demos for clans/groups for people to join.  In which the goal is to form a non-self centered community and meet people who share a common interest and collaberate to reach smaller objectives. But enough about reminising about the past.

You see I didn't start monitization or showing ads prior to 2010 because it didn't align with me, I didn't join youtube to make money like so many other cash cows, I came to provide content to specific people, groups, and just for fun. I felt that google was ripping off content providers which I still do, by displaying ads and paying them only a fraction of a very small percentage of what they make for esitially just doing something they would other wise do for free.

Now if your goal is to get $$$ then the easiest route is the most unethical route.
For instance by providing something like this rainbow like effect lighting effect I could tag this as LGBT effectively misleading a entire audience. Same could be said on youtube with thumbnails. Thumbnails are the first thing seen, having one dealing with what your topic matter is only a good idea if you don't want to be a greedy fool, like 99% of people on the site want to be(Greedy fools). It is why you will see censored porn pics as thumbnails or half naked chicks commonly on them or just pressing issues like donald trumps face for instance.

Your title is also VERY VERY important, if you want that $$$$ you want it to line up with what ever the highest rating adword will be tomarrow which is pointless because unless you can tell the future you can only see today, and by using the one today you are doing the samething as half a dozen other joe smoes. Granted you will get more views than a unquie title by using what ever is highest in searches that day you won't beat the IGN's of the world with click bait they are already thrown to the top as they are kings of it.

Also remember geotagging can be very important for instance tagging a city with low population will get you zero to no views almost outside of no name towns with a decent size population, in which only tourists and self centered locals will look at and see. While popular locations will geotag to these people and possibly show up slightly higher in search results(not by much but if you advertise through campaigning efforts at least once it will skyrocket with fake views that will bring in real views, even googles crap is bots don't be fooled by it).

Once you do all this you need to present a halfbaked content with personality, this fake persona will get you more views so be sure to just clone someone eleses personality that is already popular and you will get plenty of views.

Once you succeed at failing at all of this because you do not have enough money to keep up with the campaign monopoly.  Then you will realize that the goals prior to google buying out youtube seem more feasable and more entertaining and enjoyable.  I will continue to use googles rip off ads system but I really only do so out of desperation that maybe one day I will meet their rediculusly high threshold, which btw since 2010 I am only about 1/3rd the way there from multiple sites, and 2 youtube channels.  So yeah.... Doubtful it will happen in my lifetime.

Making content for nitch audiences can also get you higher viewership simply by being the only one on the block doing something that hasn't been done a billion times before on obscure topic matters, in which requires actual research and maybe development. Keep in mind I am not saying I am unquie in the slightest, just my goals are much smaller with no expectations of success, just failure. Ego is a common enemy of internet fame or just in general. My advice isn't even unquie it is just of a common old shared interest that old youtube was better, and how it was ran was better, and how content was made not for $$$ was better which in some cases is true but in others it isn't. It is my biased, that isn't a excuse in any way for any opposition that is a weapon to use against my point of view. Which isn't going to convince me either way. Not because I think your opinions are shit but because I am biasedily against how youtubes presented now to only promote who is already popular.

Understanding who your target market exactly is plays a critical form in how you want your content to be presented. Just because there is a million others doing the same thing doesn't mean you should do it like the generic idealisms of it. People want soul, they want uniqueness not only from perspectives but from how it is shown.  Remember at the end of the day your videos are your product, they resemble parts of a whole and if you don't care, its ok there is probably a audience that doesn't care either.

Such as all this fluff in this article there are people who don't care for all the meaningless run on ideas, they only care for the topic matter and keypoints to gather more information on how to be successful in their own idealism of what it is without understanding that success is self defined, rather than just a shared idea. In which I just mislead those people here and pulled a underhanded unethical practice just to click bait them here. Which keep in mind I understand that will only be 1/10 viewers that ever see this but hey I have 300 other posts or so, so there is that.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Compressing Construct2 Games Smaller Than Brute

Kongregate The King's League Odyssey

Let me be straight this isn't some promotional ad for kongregate, I have had issues with them before with c2 projects. I don't normally touch their games due to the fact that often they are just simplistic demos of micro-transaction games, using concepts of grinding in order to have repeat players to what would other wise be simplified sit down single session games with cloned art styles of successful games elsewhere.

The King's League Odyssey at first seems all over the place, First of off the game introduces you to change your game speed during the tutorial. Which is a mistake, the game moves fast as it is at 1x. I wish there was option to make it move slower to be honest because there is the league matches along with a taking over the map game going on, along with quests for resources. The quests are usually stupid easy no matter what that difficulty tells you.  The taking over the map game is rather more difficult where the difficulty is relative to what it claims it is, but once you get to the end of the game it is a down right lie as it is more difficult than the 5 star system allows for. The league matches take importance above all others with set time and you must come in first every time to progress. Which means having all of your team members with the highest states possible which means queing them to train every 3 days in game, which means every minuet or so. You also need crystles to raise their levels to upgrade the units class every 5 levels maxing out at level 10. So each class can only rank up in class 2x. There is multiple options for certain types of unit classes to upgrade to how every.

The quests eat up time from 1 to 5 days. Which if a league match is coming up soon it means you can't do any quests, side missions, random popup missions(which are also timed existance often disapearing within 3 days so about every few minuets and they don't appear again for about an half hour).

Now remember what I said earilier about the game speed. Even on x1 it is still not enough time because of there is no short cut keys and how the navigation works within the menus to go from training 1 character to the next it eats up time, so you can easily miss key important side quests, which can give you unquie characters.

Now keep in mind leveling up your units class will give you states faster than training. So go after them crytstles rather than endless training. Granted yes it is still important to train but take those side missions that give you 120 crystles over worring about your archers HP because more than likely it will be boosted.

Once you get to the end of the game there really is little left to do, other than fight the king, dragon, or endless quests, along with random attacks on your settlements.

Which you will also need to complete the game.

And oh yes there is DLC in this game kongregate advertising tell you it is a free experience. ERRR Wrong it is freemium. Meaning you still have micro-transactions, you just have to grind to get through the game if you don't want to pay.

So basically if you missed something before or want to tank through the game with zero grind get the "Premium pack".

I did how ever enjoy it for the first play through but once I realized what I was doing was wrong, and how I was playing the game wasn't how the developers wanted me to play the game which was put quests above all other things to gather more resources and be the resource hog I am. The grind was the fun, but the training crap wasn't due to how it is setup to eat up more time going from character to character missing side missions with high end rewards that it began to irritate me. The league matches just seemed to get in the way of enjoying the rest of the game.

I enjoyed the endless quests and taking over the map, the dragon battle was nice. I wish there was more to it. I hated the league matches so much because it just became a game of, wait the game decided I can't do anything till this match happens.

I feel conflicted about this game heavily. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Construct 3/2 news

So apparently construct 3 is coming out soon, and pricing details have been released, along with price drop for construct2 and construct 3 is going to be a subscription service for $99/y.
If you want to read more about it follow the link here:

What this means for my c2 plugins, addons, assets, and templates. Well I will continue support for them until, for up to a year.
IF scirra cuts construct 2 templates, assets, esc, from their storefront the content will still be available on, in the event that drops it then I will be looking for a new method or store front. The availability of it will continue when construct 2 is gone for up to 2 years.

I am still working on a few projects, that may use construct 2, Construct 2 is still a decent platform for web base applications and games.  I am finding more ways to do more useful applications. While most people have degraded it to protype only software I found it to be rather useful and ways to create more useful controls and menus systems.

I will not be supporting construct 3 in any way or form, I heavily disagree with their methodology of limiting users to a subscription base service, and I can not support it in any way or form. Even though c2 projects will apparently work in construct 3. I know unity has been doing the same thing. Construct 3 does how ever have a free version. Same as unity but for commercial use I will not be using either tool sets.

I do how ever like the idea that they will be supporting multiple languages, and multiple platforms for their envirorment but I do not like this subscription base fee service and that ultimately ruins it.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Firefox marketplace ends submittion

Firefox marketplace is specifically for firefox OS and webapps for firefox webbrowser, it allowed you to submit to a very nitch and small population along with a mass market that would highly use it, which would allow you to have very difficult and easy market control. Easy for firefox OS with decent apps, while difficult with poorly made apps.  Very similar to chrome os & chrome webstore, but the chrome webstore has a fee and more market share actually using it due to chromebook sales. Keep in mind decent productive apps outside of googles are rare to find on chromeweb store which has more of the same problems. Majority of the apps just being links to websites.

The problem is the market was flooded with apps, with almost no quality assurance, which makes it difficult for good apps to shine. Much like various other market places. But with this one it offered a API that was supported by various toolsets and this allowed people to shovel out apps to a almost non-existant market.

Currently all forms of submiting are closed for both addons and apps. With very little to no new apps the market can not expand further. It may as well be dead in the water. With web browser marketshare only being as low as 12% at its current rate it is no wonder why it is.

Keep in mind I am all for the monzilla project and firefox, I still use sea monkey a older various similar to old Firefox.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My windows store apps were pulled

Keep in mind the last time I touched the windows store was in 2012 area, so keep in mind that I was expecting this much sooner.

The apps were pulled in compliance to a age restriction phase added to their publishing I wasn't notified about. All Apps on the store without a age rating were pulled sept 2016, I am just now noticing it and it is 2017.

From what I understand is it requires me to resubmit all of my apps. Which I can no longer do because I no longer have access to a windows 8/10 PC w/ visual studio 2013, so metro apps can't  Keep in mind microsoft paid me for each app published. So it is really only hurting them.

I'm going to keep trying to contact microsoft about it, see if they can get them back up but don't hold your breathe because I have had issues like this in the past with amazon.

All but 2 games are now back up. They are back in the review process which is just viewing over the ratings applied,  More than likely will be back up, and probably are by the time I add this to this post.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ChromeOS need sprite pixel art editor

Need a way to make game sprites? How about just website pixel art? Well bring it down on the dance floor:

Piskel is a online frame by frame editor that makes pixel art.
It is simple to use and easy to work, it works like any index pixel art editor allowing for various colors saving them into a pallet in which you can edit at any time for color swapping. This allows for quick pixel game art and animation. You can export them as sprite sheets, or gif images.

Most of it is self explainitory but it works far better than pixlr for pixel at but it has no effects.

I like it because it is more refined specifically for pixel art rather than using something that is trying to basically be a online gimp, not to insult pixlr but that is what I am getting from it.

This tool works great on google chromebooks.

If you want to try it here it is:

Friday, January 6, 2017

HTC Vive Demo experience

Recently I took a visit to a Microsoft store near me(about 20 miles out, didn't go just for that though). So out of the blue I just tried the demo there and only was able to play from 3 select "games", first one was a solar system thing where you just moved planets and they float all over the place, the controls were very very very unresponsive.

The second one is Work Simulator which the controls were very responsive on the other hand. It is pretty much physics simulation with tasks and goals, but unforchently the Demo in stores is very short and you don't even make it 1/10th the way through hte tutorial no matter how quickly you try to get through it.

The last game I played was a tower defense archory simulator, it was overly responsive at times while physucs for picking up the bow was very unresponsive. The gameplay was over drawn out and the time seemed longer with this one than the others.

Issues with VR as a whole:
Using the vive has taught me the actual dangers that exist with VR gaming in its current state.
First I must say with children it is highly unrecormended that you even consider getting it.
You are assentially playing a game blind in which requires you to move around with a big tripping hazzard strapped to the back of your head. I almost tripped several times in the demo. Not only the cord is a problem but unless you live alone a fenced off area like a dog cage would be recormended so you don't accidently punch your family in the face.

Keep in mind I orignally only tested this VR demo to learn more to try to develop VR games myself.


The games were barely games and they were the type youd play once for a laugh then never touch again. If we had some portal 2 VR, skyrim, or fallout 4 vr it would be million times better but I really don't see it being that graphically detailed at this time as viable. The games are just not there yet, and even if they were it does get tiring after just a few moments to deal with the range of motions. I liked it but there is a lot of problems till we reach a point of pinicle or reach of what hype there is in it. The VIVE is a billion times better than samsungs oculus that is practically a 1 day use item then find out it is nearly useless. Oculus sucks and samsung needs to work on it and fix it Now. Needs to work with PC games streaming to the device now. But that is for another post. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

RollApp Blender beware

If you are using google chromebooks then you should be fully aware of the lack of support for basic applications with makeshift ways around such as RollApp being a alternative option than running the applications natively due to the locked down linux envirorment not allowing for native linux apps but rather only chrome web browser apps, so Python applications such as blender can either only be ran in a different linux environment via cruton,

RollApp works like this it is a service that cloud hosts VM's that have applications, you remote into those clouds for each window.  Applications that are heavily used and or require resources are shoved into force requirement for paid for subscription. It didn't always be this way with approll but a rush of applications and money has lead to this.  Their service isn't anything unique in any form or way there have been hundreds of options back in the day such as Joli OS which has been discontinued.

Really if you want a good service for linux based applications, remote VM's are the best option. But this means either depending on a online service of depending on simple old remote desktop google has to offer.

Either way you are remoting into a machine it is just how much control you have over it, It would be really nice if there was some way to run native linux apps but until google gets their heads out of their rear ends it won't be happening anytime soon. So Crouton away, developer mode must be enabled from the start else you will wipe the data from your PC but it will need a micro linux OS as 8gb of storage for most chromebooks. In other words remote in some windows PC and bite the bullet of LLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG.

FYI Drawing tablets, wireless headphones, most actually work with chromebook but again too locked down to actually productively use. Samething with game controllers but yeah not to many emulators options and not to many web games support controllers. FYI unity games do not work with chromebooks no matter how you try, really needs to be patched around or something seriously.

Construct 2 games barely work as most construct 2 games NOM NOM NOM resources.  There are tricks to fix this, I will go over later.

As for RollApp their business model is just to make money, there is a promise of more apps and now even games coming to it, most of which are not really that good, but some are ok. 230 apps thus far, most of them simple 1 time use apps(junkware), and a few good ones being locked behind pay walls.  Blender being the #1 I would use.

The typical ones like "Minecraft" being on the way, which only reminds me of the hunting ouya promises.

The current rate is $6.99 for their pro membership service needed to run many of the applications with the others setup as basically shareware.

The current free development tools are basically text editors like bluefish and notepad++ which basically only aid in programming, they don't compile anything. They are nice to have but yeah... they are just text editors with auto-formatting options.

Atleast gimp isn't hidden behind this paywall just yet.  Hopefully they don't do this with it, keep in mind I understand they have to fund their services somehow, I just don't see a subscription base as ideal.  I'm sure most of RollApps users are google chromebook users, but it is just remote services trying to make a buck off the lack of options for google chrome.

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