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Qlife Alpha: test run 309


How To Setup: Steam Controller Tutorial Help

This video shows you on how to setup a brand new steam controller with your gaming PC. It works with windows, mac, linux, steamOS, BSD. and what ever else you can get steam working on.

The controller requires a USB slot for it's wireless receiver dongle, and possibly may need to use the Micro-USB slot. The controller uses AA batteries for power, and works as a fully functional mouse, and 360 gamepad controller.

The controller how ever will not work with chromeOS or chromebook without cruton mode enabled and booting into a linux OS.

The controller is fun to use and works in nearly every game.


Etch A Sketch ETO Ohio Art... Terrible

Back when I was around 13 years old I saw a TV ad for one of these things, claiming to be a art studio that you plug into your TV and that you can even make games with it. Of course you could create "ART" and play "GAMES" but you couldn't make games. It was false advertising targeted towards kids with little thought into the advertising and the device itself.
It had a expansion cart bay which was going to be used for future games because they planned on releasing cartage based games for the very limited machine. The controls were terrible, loading times were long as you can see in this video, and the games were barely games.

The thing was obviously made for very young children that would just get angry with the fact that it is bad games, with bad art tools, with terrible controls.

The controller parts of it was bad, the games were bad, and it couldn't do what it was originally advertised to do. I picked it up and used it maybe 5 times at most... It ate batteries up so quickly that they would be dead in a few hours and required 4 AA's,..  And yes you have to go through those annoying animations and sounds every time you want to leave to the main menu.


Lynx Chrome Extension Review

Well this chrome extension from a first glance will make you think of "OH SWEAT LYNX FOR CHROME" Like I did, and no it isn't that at all.

My first reaction to using it was "Wow a stumbleupon clone" I'm shocked that stuff is still around to be honest.

Then I realized you could submit websites with it. But oh wait the load time on it was god awful especially when submitting. Clicking on the "Go" Button will just lead you to amazon page after amazon page as sellers found out free advertising. It is interesting when you do run into a actual website though not amazon or main stream or youtube videos esc....

To be honest I like what this is doing to some extent in allowing other wise sites that would be ignored because getting "SEO" now is a matter of who has the most money and paying your way up the tree and possibly scammed on the way there. But it will just create a lot of 1 time viewers for sites, and browsing that way is annoying when dealing with all the Amazon/Ebay/Seller pages..

Load times really needs to be improved for pretty much everything from submitting the website to requesting the next site.

The other issue is the amount of adult content that comes up, this extension is no way kid safe, virus free as people will link viruses and pornographic images. So do not use with minnors in house hold, or at work, or on a windows PC. Also only use in incognito mode as you don't want this stuff coming up in your history, it makes it difficult to explain to anyone. It is better to flip on watchdog or something of the sort to filter out the pornographic images, and viruses but tools like that do not help.

Parents keep a eye out for this extension if you see it on your childs computer, remove it right away and have your computer scanned for viruses, malware, adware, and spyware as these are all threats of using a application like this. Also you may want to punish your child for looking at pornographic images because lynx links them to plenty of that.
You can download the extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lynx/npmpjpaieebefmoplikkgfgogfpjdhek?hl=en

It is honestly something most people would pick up then put down in less than 4 minuets never to use again, mostly because there is better things out there, and it takes less load time.


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories PS3 kinda-review

Kingdom hearts is a series of games that first started off right after the launch of Final Fantasy 10, and the huge success of it plus the need to make a game promoting Disney's movies, and attraction rides came about in the early Ps2 days. Chain of memories was orignally for the GBA and so the ps3 version is a 3d version of a 2d game.

All of the rooms comprise of 2 walls & 2 invisiable walls with doors leading out of the rooms, nearly all of them designed and modeled after the gba version, meaning very limited level design.

The game has the same graphics as the rest of the 1.5hd remix games on the disc, slightly modified ps2 graphics.

The gameplay is comparible to old RPG's with a battle sequence.
These battle sequences are boxed rooms fully textured on all 6 sides, they use a card system of prioritizing attacks in a 3d space similar to old kingdom hearts just with tacked on turn baseness kinda. Only one person can attack at a time and the attacks are cards, the number of the card determines priority.  You can do a 3 mixed card attack which is where your combo's and special attacks have gone to which requires different things for each one.

This over complicates the battles making them much easier or difficult on how you look at it. Also if you run out of cards you have to charge and it only reloads a few of your cards not all of them so yeah... You may have 23 cards but it may only reload 4 of those cards and they could be entirely useless because card numbers are all 1's so they always get overriden by the enemies attack.

This turns the game into mash triangle to win as triangle combines cards for the mixed attack....

The story is very very confusing, Sora has lost all of his memories and is getting fake memories through out the whole game until he forgets everything practically. You see him, Donald duck, and goofy slowly make less and less since but goofy seems to actually be the one making the most since which isn't like his character at all.

I don't want to spoil the whole story but yeah..... it's bad..... it continues after the first game and its a GBA game at its core.

The game has you go through various disney themed words, about 9 of them (if I am recalling them all). Some like the little mermaid world makes completely no sense at all walking under water????

Level grinding is a must unless you are playing on easy, and gameplay gets boring really really fast.
They have a whole world of minigames for 100 archer woods but it's winnie the pooh, something most people will be wanting to get out of asap....

Some of these combos are just impossible to get in the game without constant leveling up CP instead of health, something more worth it because it is either 25CP or 15HP.... CP is important as it is card points something needed to make your hands in battles useful rather than going into battle with 15 cards... You will need 20 or more cards by the time you are even half way through the game.... Which mostly consists of grinding to level up to beat a Over Powered boss.... wash rinse repeat about 10-20 times depending on weather there is a between worlds boss because after completing a world you may have to fight a organization Member or Riku....

The ending is meh....
The game is short but long for a GBA game... if not for the grind it would be very very short....

Over all the game for a ps3 port was amazing from GBA, but the gameplay itself is really really bad.....
Like seriously you are not missing anything here by watching a lets play or just all the cutscenes in the game...


How Microsoft killed Dreamcast, and Sega

Microsoft during the late 90's started its venture into the console market, by offering to develop a operating system for x86 hardware for Sega, Sega at the time agreed to do so. This was after they saw that it would be a opertunity even if Sega failed Microsoft would still profit no matter what because it turned out that their OS was a modified windows NT version costing Microsoft miniumn effort with directx support. Directx is Microsofts graphics rendering API for gaming, it was Microsofts attempt at holding the game industry under their monopoly by making a API platform only compatible with their platforms, and that they would be forced to release games made in directx only on to Microsoft platforms.

Sega gladdily agreed to this deal as it would cost them nothing they thought. But a few months after the dreamcast released in Japan, Sega of America President Peter Moore was already sabotaging the dream cast in America by mismanaging assets and causing flame wars with distribution places over the failure of the Saturn. Advertising the dream cast was non-existent till several months after the release of the console in which Peter Moore was attempting to bring the company down further and further by sabotaging the dream cast on the consumer front. On the developer front of developing software was another situation, trying to promote that they continue working on their games just in-case the dreamcast was pulled.

The dreamcast had a slow start due to lack of marketing, and it snuck its way out in the states, a year prior it was a mass huge success in Japan, and it was a success in Europe. This was one of the first cases that Sega Of America acted on its own destroying itself because of a litteral sabatoge. Peter moore continued to push that the Dreamcast needs its plug pulled from store shelves, till it actually happened despite the late adopters making nearly 3 million sales in a year for their console, and convincing the board to cancel it in America in Attempts to make software for microsoft's Xbox which was under development after the success of the Japanese market.

Here is where it becomes obvious that Peter Moore killed the dreamcast for the xbox, He left Sega of America on his own terms to go work for Microsoft, after deal attempt to deal attempt to expand the American Market faster, even a chairman from Sega Of Japan tried to make a written plan to handle the American market where dreamcast games could be played on xbox, but unforchently that chairman died during those plans. He took many skilled software developers and hardware developers over to Microsoft when he left sega as well.

Much of the information provided here I gathered from the old web back in the day. Wayback machine is required to look it up on old day websites with interviews.

Articles like this:

Ignore the fact that Peter Moore not only fired people but got them jobs back in Microsoft, fired them then left himself to Microsoft, and made claims that it was Japan's doing when that wasn't the case according to his own words.

Articles like this:

Show more of the information from interviews with Peter Moore. Lies no doubtfully to protect himself from these claims as he left Microsoft to go work for the Head of EA Sports right after leaving when the Xbox 360 RROD crises began with a whopping 54% hardware failure rate for its first year.


Peter Moore is a bussiness man when he sees a sinking ship he askes himself how he can benefit from it the most. Well by sinking it faster, that is what happened with Sega. Peter Moore knew very very little about video games when he took that position.

In modern day news history has been changed, completely ignoring lead Dreamcast hardware developers interviews(lost), the facts that happened during that time. Some repeating old news with a twist on it, changing it, morphing it to fit infavor of Peter Moore. SEGA Chairman Isao Okawa tried to fight against the dreamcasts failure in America, he fought to sell the software on xbox platform visiting Bill Gates. Despite hardware sales increasing, due to misleading information provided by Peter Moore who fired majority of their employees. Much like you can see words are cherry picked to not give the full picture of the situation with these articles.


Sites like kotaku provide contridicting information, one saying it isn't anything but sales fault, despite a massive sales increase, and the other saying it could have been saved by the xbox.

Remember the Dreamcast sold ~4 million units in the USA in 18months.

This was back in 1999, that is a mass success with a much smaller market share at that given time, despite all the sabatoging done by Peter Moore. This means if a middle market developer made a game for the system they only had about 1-2 years to make a game for it, assuming they knew it was hitting the dust which they didn't. Valve's Halflife for dreamcast was pulled the weak of release off store shelves when the game was 100% complete and ready for store shelves, some already put out due to this dropped out.

In a nutshell of what actually happened At Sega Of America:

- Peter Moore was put into Presidential power after working his way up
- Peter Moore put all efforts into pushing against Sega Of Japan
- Peter Moore mismanaged assets and lack of advertising caused slow inital sales
- Peter Moore misinformed Sega of Japan on sales decrease during summer price drop increasing sales
- Peter Moore pushed that Sega in its entirety to focus on software development
- Peter Moore mass fired ( nearly all skilled devs went to microsoft with him)
- Peter Moore convinced the Sega Of America board to focus only on software and the new chairmen too
- Peter Moore pulled the plug on the Dreamcast despite sales increases during the Holiday season
- Peter Moore left Sega to go work for Microsoft after successfully killing the Dreamcast, taking plenty of x, and current Sega employees right out from under Sega.
- Peter Moore Left microsoft for EA for a "Better opertuinity" soon after EA Sports released non-equal versions of their games after Petter Moore took over more Microsoft focus.


Kingdom Hearts Sanctuary - Reverse with lyrics

Backwards songs showing messages and it makes since if you played kingdom hearts in a very very weird way. This song was from kingdom hearts 2 opening, and it is clear it was made to be played backwards & forwards. Something very difficult to do is create 2 songs from one song. With self aware lyrics of both forward & backwards.

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